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The section below may provide answers to your questions. If you don't see your topic covered here, please contact us by using the phone or email information shown at the left.

Q: How long has Tumbleweed Gymnastics been operating?
A: Since 1995.
Q: Are you a nonprofit organization?
A: No, TGI's owners sacrificed grant money, tax-write-off and other government subsidies, in order that we be allowed to pray inside our facilities (separation of church and state).
Q: How do I register?
A: Visit our Registration page.
Q: Can I sponsor a child in your program or have my child sponsored?
A: Tumbleweed Gymnastics offers a program called "Adopt-A-Tumbleweed" where individuals or companies can offer to sponsor the financial costs of a needy child for training. Read more about "Adopt-A-Tumbleweed" by clicking here. Remember, there is no tax write-off for doing this, however, TGI does advertise it's sponsors inside a 12 ft X 12ft display area that may qualify as advertising business expenses (Please consult your accountant and or your attorney).
Q: What are the owners and instructor's qualifications?
A: USAG safety certified, special needs and special olympics certified, CPR, degreed, licensed, director status, black belt status and over 25 years experience combined.
Q: Why do we pray?
A: Christian owned and operated including Christian background music


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