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Tumbleweed Gymnastics Inc. was founded by David and Sandi Holt. David is a former Ohio State University gymnast and has over 27 years of gymnastics training, competition, and coaching experience; Sandi is a former drill team dancer and "Children's Theater" actress.

David began sharing his talents by coaching boys and girls at local YMCAs in his spare time. As these athletes showed some promise, David would solicit assistance from local gyms to take on some of these athletes and to them assist financially. All the gyms that were approached, even some well known local gyms, turned the athletes down. This is how David and Sandi's vision, Adopt-A-Tumbleweed Program, was born. Adopt-A-Tumbleweed is a program set up for soliciting sponsors to help pay the tuition of those who could otherwise not afford the classes. The solicitation is done by the parent of the athlete from their own pool of networks or relationships. Tumbleweed will also try to assist through its own networking sources. Since Tumbleweed is a For-Profit entity, donations have been hard to come by, although many have donated out of the kindness of their hearts for no tax write-off to help athletes participate in our programs. Funds are limited and you must apply and qualify.

Listed below are a few of today's aspiring gymnasts that got their start at Tumbleweed Gymnastics:

  1. Whitney Rose, currently Level 10
    1. State Champion -- Level 5, 6, 7, 9
    2. Regional Champion -- Level 8 & 9
  2. Jordan More, currently Level 7
    1. State Champion -- Level 5, 6
  3. Abram Holt, currently Class 4
    1. State Champion -- Class 5; High-Bar
    2. Regional Champion -- Class 5; Vault, High-Bar
    3. State Champion -- Class 4; Vault
  4. Elijah Holt, currently Class 4
    1. Regional Champion -- Class 4; 2nd plc Vault, behind his brother Abram, who won 1st plc
  5. Erin Dunn, currently Level 1 Special Olympics
    1. State Champion -- Level 1; Vault, Beam, All-Around
  6. Christina, currently Level 2 Special Olympics
    1. State Champion -- Level 2; Vault, Bars, Floor, All-Around
    2. World Champion -- Level 2; All-Around

Tumbleweed Gymnastics has been contracted by Birdville Independent School District, B.I.S.D., to manage and to coach the B.I.S.D. Middle-School Gymnastics and Evening Gymnastics Programs. When you support Tumbleweed Gymnastics, you support the Birdville I.S.D. Middle-School gymnastics program.

Tumbleweed Gymnastics has also been featured in the newspaper, radio, and on television: Channel-5 Talk Street, Channel-11 No Cover, Channel-7 Fort Worth Cable, and Channel-29 Celebration. All of these programs have admonished Tumbleweed for its community effectiveness and for its championship successes including a "Proclamation" from the former Fort Worth mayor, Mayor Barr , proclaiming August 15 as Gymnastics Day. View Tumbleweed's professional video from our Home Page or at the East Regional Library or Main Library in downtown Fort Worth, TX. Tumbleweed Gymnastics also participates in May-Fest, including performances at Cook Children's Hospital and Retirement Homes. All Tumbleweed athletes, including class and team, participate in these events.

Tumbleweed Gymnastics is only 10 years old and has already accomplished State Champions, Regional Champions, and a 2003 World Champion (2003 Special Olympics in Dublin Ireland). In addition to the gymnastics athletes Tumbleweed Gymnastics has also had Martial Arts champions.

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