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July 2004:
  Dear Tumbleweed Gymnastics Supporters,

The Birdville ISD will not be renewing Tumbleweed Gymnastics lease for the 2004-2005 school-year, located inside the Birdville ISD Shannon Center Complex, 6010 Walker Street, Haltom City, TX 76117. The reason; (*) representatives listed below opted to exercise a provision in the current (3) year lease, to cancel at any time, without any reason. It was understood by Tumbleweed that the clause would only be used for district changes beyond anyone's control. As a result, Tumbleweed Gymnastics will have to move out of the Shannon Center, by August 5, 2004, after only (1) year at the center.

Tumbleweed Gymnastics has:

  • Saved the BISD over $40,000 from its 2003-2004 budget, while occupying the Shannon Center
  • Saved the BISD gymnastics program and spared job losses of those being effected by the Tumbleweed / Birdville ISD Partnership
  • Enhanced the professionalism of the BISD middle school gymnastics program which increased the quality of gymnast, feeding through to the high school program.

    For more information visit www.tumbleweedgymnastics.com.

Now, Tumbleweed has no place to go to continue its gymnastics business and ministry, therefore, will be closing its doors for business on July 31,2004; Unless, You, Tumbleweed Supporters, can convince the Birdville ISD Representatives listed below and the Birdville School Board, to let Tumbleweed Gymnastics stay at the Shannon Center:

  1. Tell them how Tumbleweed has impacted your child, and or, your community
  2. Tell them if you want Tumbleweed to stay at the Shannon Center
  3. Ask everyone that you know for help
  4. 5-7employees will lose their jobs, 15 Special Olympians and about 150 customers that have performed for Cooks Children Hospital, Lakewood Retirement Home, Police Safety Fairs and May Fest, will lose their place to train.

Thank You Very Much!

David Holt - President
Tumbleweed Gymnastics

Dr. Stephen Waddell (817) 547-5722
Birdville Independent School District
6108 Broadway
Haltom City, TX 76117

(*)Quentin Burnett (817) 547-5735
Assist Superintendent-Finance
Birdville Independent School District
6108 Broadway
Haltom City, TX 76117

(*)Willa Gipson (817) 547-5823
Director of Athletics
Birdville Independent School District
6108 Broadway
Haltom City, TX 76117

Greg Farr
Principle - Shannon Center (817) 547-5410
Birdville Independent School District
6108 Broadway
Haltom City, TX 76117

April 2004:
  2004 Gymnastics Regional Championship
Come support Tumbleweed Gymnast, Abram Holt and teammate Jason Smith, at the 2004 Gymnastics Regional Championships on Saturday, April 3, 2004. Competition starts at 8:45am, although gymnast will arrive at 8:00am.

Come support Tumbleweed Gymnast, Curtis Kaps, at the 2004 Gymnastics Regional Championships on Sunday, April 4, 2004. Competition starts at 1:45pm, although gymnast will arrive at 1:00pm.

David Holt
David@tumbleweedgymnastics.com (evening)
Dholt@bellhelicopter.textron.com (day)

March 2004:
  Attention Coaches And Parents:
Tumbleweed Gymnastics would like to welcome Coach Tonya to our staff. Coach Tonya will be teaching the following classes: Pre-school 2 & 3 year olds, Pre-team, and Girls Team.


  • 3½ years experience teaching Pre-team girls & Team levels 4-7
    in U.S.A.
  • 11 years P.E. & Gymnastics instructor in Odessa, Ukraine
  • 3½ years teaching preschool through 4th grade Gymnastics in
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Air gymnast at trapeze/ Acrobatics in Moscow, Russia
  • USAG Safety Certification Nationwide
  • Studied under Olympic Champion Margarita N. Nikolaeva in Odessa,
  2004 Gymnastics State Champions
First sisters, in tennis; Now brothers, in gymnastics...

Abram and Elijah Holt, brothers and Class-4 Optional Gymnast (12-14 year old division), competed in the 2004 Gymnastics State Championship at L.D.Bell High School in Hurst Texas on March 20, 2004. Older brother, Abram won 1st place/Gold, and younger brother Elijah, won 2nd place/Silver, on Vaulting. Both coached by big brother, Devon, at Tumbleweed Gymnastics, owned by parents, David & Sandi Holt. Tumbleweed Gymnastics is now the home of the top two vaulters in the State of Texas.

Abram went on to win 4th place on Rings, 6th place on High Bar and 13th over-all. Abram also qualified to compete at Regionals on April 3-4, 2004 at L.D.Bell High School along with two other teammates, Jason Smith - Open Optional Division and Curtis Kaps - Class-5 Division. Curtis also placed 10th in Vaulting.

Psalms 118:23

David Holt

September 2003:
  • New Classes Forming
  • Positions Available:
    • Sales
    • Coaches
    • Data-entry
  • Gymnastics Equipment for sale
August 22, 2003:

Positions Available - Gymnastics Coaches (pre-school 2 & 3 yrs &
pre-developmental 4&5 yrs & developmental 6 yrs and older) /Cheer & Tumbling Coaches / Team Coaches (Compulsory, L-4 thru L-6 & Optionals, L-7 thru L-10)
- see facility description below. Also, Sales & Data-Entry

For Your Information - In case you haven't heard yet, Tumbleweed Gymnastics is moving at the end of August, 2003 into the Birdville Independent School District, B.I.S.D., Shannon Learning Center, 6010 Walker Street, Haltom City, TX 76117. Visit the BISD website. Tumbleweed Gymnastics has been contracted by B.I.S.D. to manage and to coach the B.I.S.D. Middle-School Gymnastics and Evening Gymnastics Programs, also, to coach its own classes (competitive gymnastics teams, martial-arts, cheer-tumbling and Special Olympics). This Tumbleweed Gymnastics program is new; not to be confused with former programs; Tumbleweed's vision: intervention for captivating and consuming idle time.....its mission: training kids the way they should go....

Who is Tumbleweed? Tumbleweed Gymnastics has been featured in the newspaper, radio and on television: Channel-5 Talk Street, Channel-11 No Cover, Channel-7 Fort Worth Cable, and Channel-29 Celebration, all, admonishing Tumbleweed for its community effectiveness and for its championship successes including a plaque from the former Mayor Barr, City of Fort Worth, establishing August 15 as Gymnastics Day. Tumbleweed Gymnastics is only 7 years old and its has already accomplished State Champions, Regional Champions, and just this year, World Champion (Special Olympics) in Dublin Ireland, and Martial Arts Champions. Still working on cheer-leading.

Tumbleweed facility - Shannon Center Gymnastics Complex is about 20,000 square feet between two gyms (one, for classes and competitions, and the other, for classes and advanced training with most apparatus dumping into in-ground pits including spring-floors and a tumble-trac). Spotting harnesses, a professional trainer-room for patching up athlete boo-boos and locker-rooms are also available; All, state-of-the-art, air-conditioned and heated.

Your children will be trained on the following Olympic Events; (3) vault-tables, (3) uneven bars, (10) balance beams, (2) spring floors, (2) pommel horse, (2) half pommel horse, (1) ring tower, (3) rings, (2) parallel bars, (2) high bars, (1) strap bar, (1) tumble trac

New classes Now Forming!

Thank your, Director of Athletics, Willa Gipson, for inviting Tumbleweed to the Shannon Center Complex.

Gymnastics Equipment - For Sale

David Holt - President

July 5, 2003: Special Olympics images added

Check out the photos on the Special Olympics page!

June 30, 2003: Special Olympics World Games Champion (1st Place)

The gymnastics results are in… drumroll please…. and the winner is…. Christina G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , 1st Place

Coach David Holt is very proud of Christina.

Below, please find the address to the Special Olympics World Games site for Dublin Ireland for the results of our very own Christina G. from Tumbleweed Gymnastics in Fort Worth, whom some of you played a part in helping to raise the money that sent Christina and her guardian to the Special Olympics World Games on June 15, 2003 - June 29, 2003.

Then scroll down for results.

1st Place-All-Around (over-all)
2nd Place (all other events)

Thank you all for your help and support of this - Special Olympics World Event.
Psalms 118:23, The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our site.


June 21, 2003: Tumbleweed Gymnast A-A-C-E’d the Exam

A-A-C-E spells Abram, Adriana, Christina and Erin and at Local, State and Regional levels, these gymnasts earned top honors.

13-year-old Abram Holt, Class 5 gymnast placed 5th in the All-Around category at State, qualifying for Regionals. At the 2003 Regionals in April Pflugerville, TX Abram won 1st place gold in vaulting, scoring 9.65 and 1st place on high-bar, scoring 9.70 out of a possible 10. Abram won 3rd place in the Regional All-Around, making him 3rd in the entire USA Region III gymnastics.

9-year old Adrian Davenport, Level 5 gymnast place 4th in the State Competition in May Irving, TX and won 1st place in vaulting, scoring 9.05 and 3rd place on Uneven Parallel Bars, scoring a 9.65 out of a possible 10.

13-year old Christina G., Level 2 Special Olympics gymnast won 1st in Vaulting and 2nd on Balance Beam at the Special Olympics State Games in May, San Marcos, TX and 1st place in the All-Around. Christina earned the honor to represent the United States at the 2003 Special Olympics World Games in Dublin Ireland and Bell Helicopter Textron employees and others helped raise the money, about $2,900.00 to send her to the Games this June 15-29, 2003.

12-year old Erin Dunn, Level 1 Special Olympics gymnast won 1st place in vaulting, 1st place in Uneven Parallel Bars and 2nd place on Balance Beam and Floor Exercise and 1st place in the entire state of Texas All-Around competition.

Tumbleweed Gymnastics in Fort Worth is where they all train. Its vision: Intervention for captivating and consuming idle time of the neighborhood youth. Its Mission: Training kids the way they should go, through programs, prayer and a promise to read.

And from the looks of the results, Tumbleweed Gymnasts not only earned top honors, but they AACE’d the Exam as well.
See the Following television schedule for Fox-4 coverage of the 2003 Special Olympics Summer/State Games hosted at Southwest Texas University where Christina G. and Erin Dunn competed.

Special Olympics on T.V. (Fox-Sports Net)
Saturday, June 21 at 11:00a.m.
Sunday, June 22 at 4:00p.m.

June 15, 2003: New photos online
  New photos have been added on a new page called "Photo Gallery" on the "About Us" menu.
June 13, 2003: Special Olympics & Tumbleweed
  A Special Thanks!!!
To All who supported Special Olympics and Tumbleweed Gymnastics in helping to raise money to send Special Olympics Athlete, Christina G. to the World Games in Dublin Ireland. Christina and the rest of the United States Special Olympics World Team leaves for Dublin Ireland on Sunday June 15, 2003 and will return on Sunday June 29,2003.

Tumbleweed Gymnastics was only able to raise $2,900, enough to send the athlete and one parent, so Christina's Tumbleweed Gymnastics coach, David Holt, will not be attending. Don't be alarmed, Special Olympics already have a Special Olympics Coach that travels and performs with the World Team, so I would only have been able to watch from the audience anyway.

Lets keep them all in your prayers for safe travel, joyful experience and Gold Medal performances...

David Holt.


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